Be Courageous!

be courageous

Sometimes when we try for our success, when we do the things that make our lives successful, it seems a bit hard. Sometimes we may feel that we should give up. Remember, we will fail only if we quit if we give up. If we do not give up one day we will achieve success in our life. Therefore, sometimes success may be one step away from one’s life. All we need to do is go for that. Take some risks and find success in our life. Because doing the things which make our life better, doing the things which bring happiness to our life is hard. We have to remember that we will fail if we give up.

This story of our Maha Bodhisattva is a great example of how courage and willingness to succeed bring happiness to many people.

Once in ancient India, our Maha Bodhisattva, who we called “the Buddha to be”, was born to a family of traders. He grew older and became the leader for 500 caravan of traders. They packed their food, water and rations to cross the desert. One day, while they were traveling to sell their goods to faraway cities, they came across an edge of a desert. In order to get to the city, they had to cross the whole desert. This wise Maha Bodhisattva, this young trader, decided that it is very hard and dangerous to travel this desert in the daytime because the sun was too hot and the sand was too hot like burning charcoal. They decided to travel at night and the rest in the daytime. They arrange the cards in a circle in the daytime and they rest under the shades of the cards. They started crossing the desert in the night.

After a couple of days, the desert guides said that they have reached their destination and they are one night away from the city. The traders were very happy and they ate everything that they had and they drank their water because they had to reduce their weight in the cart. While traveling during the night, the desert guide lost their path. After traveling a long, long circle, they returned back to the middle of the desert. When the sun rose the next day they realized that they had lost their way and they had come to the middle of the desert.

They are in the middle of the desert and they have no water and they have no food to eat. Everyone was surprised, everyone was tired and everyone was suffering from thirst. Everyone gave up all of their hopes and they lay down on the hot sand, resigning their life to their fate. But this young trader our Maha Bodhisattva thought, If I give up my hopes, everyone will die. If I give up my courage, everyone will be in danger. I must find a solution to cross this desert, I must find a way to get some water for these people.

While our Maha Bodhisattva was walking here and there thinking of a solution, he saw a bunch of grass that had grown in the desert. He thought, if there is a bunch of grass, there must be a stream of water running beneath this bunch of grass. Then he called everyone and said: Dig under this bunch of grass and you will find water. Everyone was happy and they took spades and they started digging a hole in that place. After hours and hours of digging, they came to the surface of a stone. Everyone was tired and started crying because they could not break the stone. They could not find any sign of water. Then everyone laid down around the hole and they started crying and started yelling at the leader.

Our Maha Bodhisattva didn’t give up. He searched for a person who has the courage to do something about this disaster. Then he called a boy and said: Son, if you give up we all are in danger, take this sledgehammer and start stroking the stone. There must be water beneath the surface of the stone. This boy was courageous enough to do that. He believed in the words of the tradesman and he took the sledgehammer, went down to the hole, and he started stroking hard. First strike. The stone didn’t break. Second strike. It didn’t break. Third strike. It did nothing. He summoned up every part of the strength, every single strength that was inside his body. And he struck hard to this torn surface. The stone surface broke and a huge gash of water cascaded from the storm, filling the hole within no time. Everyone was happy and drank water. They filled their vessels with water, let oxes to drink and started traveling. They started crossing the desert again. And finally they reached the city happily.

Therefore, never give up! Always work for your success. Although it is hard. One day that success will make your life happy. Never give up being a good person. And never give up being successful in your life.

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