meditate with a monk on july 8 at the sweet shade ability center in irvine california - Theme was don't seek validation

Don’t Seek Validation

Summarized Transcript

Meditate With A Monk

Arōgyā Paramā Lābhā
“Mental well-being is the greatest gain”
– Buddha –

Relaxation of Mind & Body

  1. The past is over. The future hasn’t come yet. The present moment, too, shall pass.
  2. Bring your focus to the feelings in your body. 
  3. Be mindful of your natural breath. 

We should eliminate unwholesome thoughts and develop wholesome thoughts to have a happy life. 

We spread love and compassion toward all beings with Loving-kindness meditation

1 Minute meditation to practice every hour. 

  1. Bring your focus to your body. 
  2. Be mindful of your thoughts.
  3. While understanding the state of your mind, please say the words below in your mind.

“The mind is impermanent, impermanent, impermanent.
The Mind is not me, not mine,  not my self.”

“The Thoughts are impermanent, impermanent, impermanent.
The thoughts are not me, not mine,  not my self.”

Meditate-With-A-Monk-July-8-2. This program was held in Irvine, California. Location-sweet shade ability center

Don’t seek validation– key points of Bhante’s talk.

  • It’s a common experience to feel happy when others treat us well, respect us, and give us credit. 
  • There is a hidden danger within that happiness.
  • There are times when people may not treat us well. They might avoid, ignore, or fail to acknowledge our worth. In those moments, we feel unhappy and unlucky. 
  • Since we always seek validation from others, our happiness relies on other people’s opinions about us or on how others treat us. 
  • If we truly desire genuine happiness, we should stop seeking validation from others. It is one of the most valuable qualities we can cultivate.
  • When we have that quality, our life shines among others. 
  • When we possess this quality, the actions of others cannot affect us.
  • Instead of focusing on how people treat us, we can redirect our focus to how we treat others. 
  • By consistently engaging in acts of kindness, speaking words of compassion, and harboring wholesome thoughts with the well-being of others in mind, we will naturally earn the love and respect we desire.
  • Our hearts overflow with joy when our actions are fueled by love and compassion.
  • We can enrich our lives further by embracing more additional qualities: diligence, mindfulness, and being thoughtful in taking action.
  • When we have those qualities, we can have a glorious life.

The wise person is energetic, mindful, pure in conduct, thoughtful in taking action, self-restrained, and righteous. That diligent person’s glory grows day by day.

– Buddha (Dhammapada)

Sadu! Sadu! Sadu!